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In these 2 pages, different from the "close-up details" page where you only see fragments of a much larger work of art, you get a really large image of the entire work as a whole. Here you can study all the details, the skin of the canvas, the brush strokes, lines and other stuff compared to the rest of the work. The selected images give great prints up to A3 size, but if you copy or print the work make sure to respect our copyrights! These images are as for the rest of this entire site by the way the private property of the artist and his clients and cannot be used in a commercial context without the written permission of the copyright-owners! (info is at the bottom of all pages)

About the studio

Eddie Van Hoef started his career as a professional artist painter specializing in applied art projects back in 1990 when he left his job as an art teacher and started his studio to give more sense to what he was doing professionally at that time.
Ever since the artist has been working for private clients and companies, producing the kind of work that fulfills a certain need or solves a concrete artistic problem. Producing applied works of art which serve a clear purpose is often based on creative solutions, artistic and technical skills which are different from today's official art world and different from what one does as a free artist but yet they are important and essential for the studio's work.

For over 20 years the basic rule of the studio has never changed: Whenever someone has any problem that touches the applied arts and at the same time believes that because of the need for handwork and craftsmanship hiring an experienced professional artist is the best solution, the studio is ready to help out.

In the meantime the studio has almost seen it all, done it all: Till today over 400 commission applied arts projects have been realized, over 240 murals produced. The artist has been working in different countries at sometimes well known locations, the French Riviera, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Tuscany.. producing all kinds of work, classic, modern, new works, restorations etc.. Each of these works is about pure handwork, unique in it's kind and a demonstration of what one could best describe as a creative, original and technically 100% satisfying solution for the given problem without exception resulting in a 100% happy client.

But is it art? Some say it is, some say it isn't. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter whether someone calls it true art or not for the work itself won't change because of what it's called.

So what about the future? After 20 years in the field the artist decided to continue his job for another 5 years. The energy is still there and this job is very addictive and satisfying: The variety of artistically interesting challenges, the sometimes stunning results, the contacts with clients, it would be hard to miss all of that.

Image 1: Working at Kinmount House, Scotland (1999-2000).
Image 2: A recent picture of the artist holding a sample (2011).

The studio's van in front of Kinmount House Scotland

Eddie Van Hoef anno 2011

About the work

The majority of works produced by the studio from 1990 until today is about specialized applications based on skills and know-how of ancient techniques, understanding of classical art history and traditional craftsmanship. However: There are many exceptions: One day the artist is working on a mural restoration project in a 300 years old mansion and the next week he might be working in his studio, producing a set of monumental abstract made to order canvases to decorate some lofts of a new top-modern hotel complex. Because of the variety of activities and approaches it is not always clear what kind of jobs the studio can be contacted for or not. Therefore: Here are some situations that fit within the studio's activities and give a better idea of the different kind of commissions the studio accepts:
Murals, faux-finish painting, makeovers, interior decoration:

Decorating walls and ceilings with murals and finishing other parts of the interior with faux finish painting techniques were the main activities right from the studio's start back in 1990 and they still are today: Indoor murals, outdoor murals, classical themes, modern approaches, trompe-l'oeil decorations, all varying from complex and detailed state of the art compositions to quiet sphere bringing background sceneries when needed are so to speak the trade-marks of the studio. Because both classical or modern interiors with murals often demand a specific style for the rest of the room, besides the pure artistic part of the job, the studio nowadays also executes, assists or supervises other interior works such as more common painting jobs, choice of furniture, lighting, colour schemes.. interior design thus. For clients who prefer dealing with one person only the studio acts as a general contractor for the complete project, decoration or makeover.


Dealing with restorations in practice the studio is a real problem solver in cases where ancient and traditional painting techniques are involved: Restorations and preservations of original murals, painted ceilings, faux finish techniques that have faded by the years, reconstruction of original designs, colours, reinventing the handwritings of long gone craftsmen... the studio has done it before with perfect results. For all art lovers who buy old houses and make it their task to restore the grandeur of the original situation, even if the original decoration is completely gone, the studio can bring the solution and do the job in a way that you simply don't see the difference between old and new or you would rather say "This room is still in great shape" instead of saying "This restoration was well done".


Despite the huge possibilities of portrait-photography nowadays a hand made portrait is still unique and special compared to a photograph not only because of the completely different concept but also due to the fact that you are dealing with a genuine work of art in which you can witness the presence of the artist through his handwriting, the technical and artistic choices and decisions he made and the unique general feel of it. Eddie Van Hoef produces 4 to 10 commission portraits a year. Any dimension, style, material and composition, painting or drawing can be ordered.

Custom made to order works of art:

Suppose you're looking for a work of art and you want the real thing, not a cheap print made by a mass-production company who sells the stuff as art. You could visit an artist's studio or call on an art-dealer but still you may not find what you're looking for: The subject may be wrong, the colours too harsh, the work too modern or not modern enough, not the style you prefer, wrong dimensions or you would rather have it made to your own personal ideas etc... In these cases you could have it custom made to order by the studio for this is what we do all the time. And there's more: Even if you don't exactly know what the work should look like and you only have a general idea to start with you can still make it happen and call on the creative experience and abilities of the artist.

Image 3: The artist painting murals in a restaurant (2002).
4: One of the studio's commission portraits (1995).
Image 5: Working on a made to order painting (2010).
The artist painting murals in a restaurant (2002)

One of the studio's commission portraits.

Working on a made to order painting (2010)

Ordering information

Since it's existence the studio has produced a large amount of work in different countries (actually only 30% of the total production is shown in this site). Yet the studio is still a one man enterprise and most of the work has been produced by the artist himself single handed. However this does not mean that large and extra large projects cannot be produced in a reasonable amount of time because when needed the studio supervises external or local specialized craftsmen and/or hires helpers who will be working under supervision of the artist.

Anyway: If you're interested in hiring the studio, contacting the artist directly in person and explaining your project to him is the only way to start a possible cooperation. (contact information is at the bottom of this page)

Before you do: Here's some additional information about executing procedures and ordering issues:

  Price estimates can only be made if there's sufficient information at hand about your project:

What exactly do you need, mural,portrait, painting, restoration... and when and where does the work have to be executed?

Do you have ideas about your project yourself, examples, images, or do you expect the studio to propose a solution?

What are the technical facts: Dimensions, form and state of the surface to be painted, indoor or outdoor etc...?

- Just ask yourself the question: "What facts would i need to know if i would have to estimate or execute this job myself?"

In most cases, before calculating a price all-in the artist will have to visit the location where the work has to be executed!

- Costs, travel, stay etc... will only be charged if you decide not to go ahead afterwards.

  Practical facts concerning decision making, prices, concrete realization and execution of a project:

Projects are executed based on a written and signed agreement and a fixed price all-in. Important issues in the contract are:

- A payment in 3 stages: Generally an advance payment, an intermediate payment and a final payment after completion.

- A deadline agreement about the period start to finish + description of preparations to be executed by other companies.

All correspondence about a project, telephone, e-mail and physical mail is between the customer and the studio directly.

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